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The bibliography of ibn machich

The  bibliography of ibn machich

Name And Origins

Moulay ABDESSALAM son of MCHICH also pronounced BCHICH. His genealogical tree ends with no one but, IDRISS AL AKBAR “The Elder”, son of ABDULAH AL KAMIL son of AL HASSAN AL MOUTANA son of AL HASSAN ASSIBTE « grand childe of the prophet MOHAMED peace be upon him” son of ALI IBNU ABI TALIB and FATIMA AZZAHRAE daughter of the prophet MOHAMED peace be upon him.

May Allah be pleased with him, Moulay ABDESSALAM was born in the second half of the sixth century “ Hijri” in Morocco precisely in “JABAL AL ALAM” “ the mountain of AL Alam” near the city of Tetouan in the upper north of Morocco.  Considering the year of his birth, two versions impose themselves; some say that he was born in 559 Hijri, while others say that he was born in 563 Hijri.  In both cases, we can conclude that as mentioned previously he was born in the second half of the sixth century “Hijri”. He got married to his cousin and they gave birth to five children, four sons (Mohamed, AHMED, ALI, and ABDUSSAMAD) and one daughter “FATIMA”.

His teachers:

Moulay ABDESSALAM had numerous teachers in various fields.  Starting from the beginning, Moulay ABDESSALAM learned the holy Coran by heart before he reached thirteen , his sheikh “ teacher” “ the one responsible of teaching him the way of rightly pronouncing the holy Coran “ was sheikh Selim ( buried in the tribe of BENI YOUSSEF).  Afterwards, he learned the “MALIKI SECT” from great “AL HAJ AHMED” also known as “AKTRANE”.  Then, he learned Soufism,   from the saint (SIDI ABURAHMAN SON OF AL HASSANE ACHARIF AL ATAR AL MADANI AL HASSANI) famously known as (AZEYYATE).  The historian MOHAMED MORTADA adds that, My ABDESSALAM learned some religious secret from one the greatest scholars of the Muslim history sheikh ABU MADIAN. 

His merits and achievements:

He’s one of  the sharpest minds of Muslim history; he mastered many sciences such as the Islamic law, the explanation of the Holy Coran verses and also the explanation of the phenomenon that happened in various scales like( astrology, biology, etc) relying on the Holy Coran. His way of life and how he behaved, impacted many people (and it still does in the 21st century).  Moreover, My ABDESSALAM was preaching justice, equality, peace, demonstrating the Islamic virtues and especially he was inciting people to get to rightly know their religion and their Prophet instead of limiting their selves to what they heard.  To sum it up, he was a kind of a healing elixir to his followers.    

His student and disciple “ABU AL HASSAN ACHADILI” mentioned that the journey of seeking God’s path started very early for My ABDESSALAM as he was still a boy (seven years old), Then years after, and after he fully mastered numerous sciences (in the very prime in his youth), he was considered one of the wiser persons of his time, My ABDESSALAM like his ancestors and predecessors went on a journey called in Arabic “Assiyaha” it’s defined as a kind of pilgrimage from one country to another and visiting different tribes seeking God’s grace, to worship along the way and to gain new knowledge. This journey lasted according to his previously mentioned disciple sixteen years.  My ABDESSALAM based his journey on the koranic verse [التَّائِبُونَ الْعَابِدُونَ الْحَامِدُونَ السَّائِحُونَ الرَّاكِعُونَ السَّاجِدونَ الآمِرُونَ بِالْمَعْرُوفِ وَالنَّاهُونَ عَنِ الْمُنكَرِ وَالْحَافِظُونَ لِحُدُودِ اللّهِ وَبَشِّرِ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ] سورة التوبة 112

The meaning of the Koranic verse is the following “Those who repent, those who pray, those who praise, those who perform Assiyaha….” Suraa TAWBA 112, till the end of the verse but we notice that”ASSIYAHA” is a tourist life.   Considering this way of life “Tourism or ASSIYAHA”, some people define it as the one who travels to learn “HADITH” and other matters. While others, explain it with those who are going around with their thoughts admiring the creatures of the almighty and observing the signs that prove the unification and glorification of “ALLAH”.

His life after “ASSIYAHA- tourism”:

My ABDESSALAM took refuge away from people “in a cave “to be precise, that’s what his disciple said, I quote:” while I was doing my “ASSIYAHA” phase, I got caught up by night time near a cave, I was planning on spending the night there but when i heard someone whispering inside I didn’t enter, so that I do not disturb the person inside.  Before dusk, I heard the man inside saying: “Oh, dear ALLAH, people are praying asking you to back them up with your good servants in way they became a refuge to them.  I am asking from you to keep them away from me so that my refuge remains to you only.” When the man came outside I found myself in shock because he was my teacher My ABDESSALAM (end of quoting).  My ABDESSALAM was never aiming to be famous or had the ambition to lead, he shook away from his heart those desires.  He was simply aspiring to be as great servant of “ALLAH” as he can, fleeing away from all the temptations , seeking asylum away from everything , some people found that he may have had exaggerated his manners of getting closer to “ALLAH” but it was his way of existing.

Some of his quotes and legacies:

May Allah be pleased with him, he said once “The statutes and rites are known and the sins are notorious, so be preserve your statutes and rites, preserving yourself from the sins.  And keep your heart away from the siren chants of the life, and for most accept what god divided for you.

Also he said: “Hold yourself to one door and all doors shall open for you, submit yourself and rely on one master “ALLAH”, hence all creatures will submit their neck to you.  And mostly, fear god in way you’ll be safe from all trepidation.

Some of his last will and advice to his disciple “ABU AL HASSAN ACHADILI”: don’t you ever go to a place where you are not seeking ALLAH’s grace and forgiveness, don’t take seat in a place where you’re not safe from ALLAH’s disobedience, Do not sit with those who  won’t help you obey the almighty and finally don’t take a road companion (teacher, disciple,etc  ) who won’t help you grow your belief in ALLAH.

Also, My ABDESSALAM said: “don’t befriend someone who thinks that he is doing you a favor by being your friend, don’t be friend with who admires you because that effect won’t last.  On the other hand, befriend to the person whenever’s his name is mentioned, ALLAH’s name is mentioned too.

May Allah be pleased with him, he said: “Mind that ALLAH (God) god is above of being recent, places and destinations and regions cannot contain him, he is above companionship and proximity, there was God and nothing with him and now nothing changed from the way it was.

There’s a prayer “SALAT” with his name on it , “ASALAT AL MACHICHIA” except there’s no proof of him writing it, especially because it contains some contradicting terms to “ Islamic guidelines” .

Lastly His death may Allah be pleased with him:

Like his birth, his death have two versions, one is that he died may Allah be pleased with him in 622 Hijri, the other is that he died in 625 Hijri.He died as a martyr, in the mountain of “AL ALAM” one of “GOMARA region his grave is well known and considered one of the most locally visited monuments.    

He was killed by the tyrant “BEN ABI TAWAJIN AL KOTAMI” who was a chemist, proclaimed himself a prophet; a lot of people followed that devil with a human face who knew that his plan wouldn’t succeed unless he kills My ABDESSSALAM. Accordingly, he sent few of his followers, to spy on My ABDESSALAM, when this lastly cited came out before dusk to perform his ablution before praying, they killed him.  Some stories, tell that none of those who killed My ABDESSALAM, came back after.

May Allah be pleased with him, My ABDESSALAM is buried in the mountain previously mentioned near  TETOUAN northern  Morocco, his shrine is considered a place where prayers are answered, also his place there is similar to” ACHAFII” (one of the four major Imam in Muslim religion) in Egypt.

The sheikh ABDULWAHAB ACHARANI took on Sheikh ABULABASS MURSI, who said that My ABDESSALAM has been stabbed and killed by BEN ABI TAWAJIN in Morocco


80 : عدد الزوار