To whom insults the PROPHET

To whom insults the PROPHET

In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, and may peace and blessings be upon our Master and Lord Muhammad and his beloved ones.

The prophet MOHAMED peace be upon him, was always saying to his friends and companions about the insults and curses he was hearing from (OUM JAMIL- mother of Jamil) and the polytheist (Dear friends: aren’t you amazed by the fact the ALLAH is dismissing, preventing and preserving me from the insults and curses of the people of (QUORAYSH- the polytheist and the none-believers). Dear friends: they’re insulting and cursing (MAHOMET- means the un-praised one but my name is MOHAMED the one who’s been praised one time after another; don’t you see that they’re cursing “MAHOMET” but my name is “MOHAMED”) (source AL BUKHARI).

MOHAMED signify the one who have multi-traits to be praised for, IBN HAJAR said: they’re insulting (MAHOMET- the blameworthy), by (they) he meant the polytheist who were pushed by the intensity of their hatred didn’t name him by his real name which is (MOHAMED- the continuously praised one), so they choosed to call him (MAHOMET- the un-praised or the blameworthy or the cursed), and whenever they do so (insult) they weren’t insulting him (technically) because they were insulting(MAHOMET) and it’s not him.  And knowing that the words of our loved one may peace be upon him still counts and have effects (as  it always will), there’s (will be) people pushed by their hatred to insult (MAHOMET), knowing that nothing of their unstoppable  mockery will affect THE CONTINUOUSLY PRAISED ONE (MOHAMED). Dear reader, mind the HADITH: “ALL OF YOU ARE FROM ADAM AND ADAM IS FROM DUST” he didn’t say may peace be upon him “WE ARE ALL…” because he is created from god’s light (he said peace be upon him: “ I AM FROM GOD, AND AL MUMINUN ARE FROM ME” HADITH, while the Holy CORAN mentioned in surat AL MAEDA in the verse 15”  you were given from god both a light and the holy CORAN. And continuing what we were saying and logically speaking, how a light from God can be affected by man’s word? Where’s the logic but HATE in it? (Please if you find one (logic) write me ASAP).

The one pushed by their hatred May god help them recover from it, are insulting and mocking but themselves.

“Their plotting, and ALLAH’s is plotting against them, and ALLAH is the best planner ” SURAT AL ANFAL verse 30. Also the way god is plotting against them is by letting that HATRED, deceit and wiliness eat them as long as they live. (Poor souls).

ALLAH said in his Coran “Ask them to bring a surah like him” (not like it), him in reference to “MOHAMED” peace be upon him, he has no pair, a unique, a one of kind with no one and nothing to match his greatness (relying of the verse number 4 of SURAT AL KALAM “surah number 68 in the Holy Coran) in all universe. If you seek among all prophets and persons (Christians, Jewish, or else) for a match to his greatness, clemency, bravery, altruism, forgiveness etc… it’ll be in vain because there is none. He “peace be upon him ” is the prophet of all prophets (the ultimate one), the greatest of all god creation.

His biography peace be upon him, is the most correct one across more than fourteen centuries ( 1442 years), it goes all the way long to his absolute companions “may ALLAH be pleased with them)” (who are trust worthy and know that to make a lie about the prophet is a unforgivable blasphemy ). So based on their saying, we get to know even after 14 hundred years his very beginning. Starting from the marriage of his father ABDULAH with his mother AMINA peace be upon them, going through his birth and childhood, passing by his young age and how he earned his living to finally knowing his outbreak and what happened after (his way of living, eating, traits, praying, the precisions goes even to inform us of how many grey hair he had on his hair and beard).

Furthermore, his biography tell us that after the outbreak he said “peace be upon him” ( to a person asking him about who is he? He answered “peace be upon him” I’am a son of a woman who eats (QIDID “it’s a meat with salt dried for few days in the sun it is known as a food for poor persons) even if he could of have a fresh food . he wasn’t a legend and he we did not make god of him.  And the previously mentioned facts are what set the example for every lay reader, educator, father, friend, politician, judge and even a soldier. His biography is enough to prove that his (Message – outbreak) isn’t a lie, because there’s no lie that can “perdure”a French word for (maintain or withhold) a thousand and nearly a half other ,years without no one to expose the lie( it also cannot fool more than billion and a half person from different cultures and countries). 

ABU SOUFIAN stood next to AL ABASS (uncle of the prophet) may ALLAH be pleased with him during the battle of AL FATH, astonished and frightened of how many military troops gathered around the prophet in few time.   So ABU SOUFIAN told AL ABASS: the kingdom that your nephew built is amazing, so AL ABASS may ALLAH be pleased with him answered: No, it’s not a kingdom it is the prophecy” (end of citation).

Our beloved prophet started his quest spreading the “ISLAM” with an army of no more than three hundred men; surrounded by enemies in every possible while the world lived in the domination of   the two empires the Persian and the roman. Relying on his wisdom, great management and his sharp strategies he ruled over the ARABIAN ISLAND (Saudi Arabia) in few years and he did not stopped until he prepared the “MUSLIM ARMY” for the battles against the mighty two empires (his friend continued the quest that he started, but it count as his doing cause he is their instructor and they follow what he said to the letter) peace be upon him.

It’s important to know that, the prophet personality and traits were forged by living multiple experiences. Peace be upon him, he was a shepherd, merchant, he traveled across the world, got married he had kids (he lost many), he was a father a friend a doctor, a treasurer, a judge and the greatest military leader.  Without forgetting what peace be upon him he endured, the one pushed then by their hate then (sadly like now) tried to have him killed several times, out casted him from his house and city (with his followers) obliged to live with no roof over their heads for three years, facing economic embargoes (he who trades with “MOHAMED” and his followers will face the same treatments) , he was accused of being sorcerer and charlatan, he was accused of madness, while his wife was accused of been unfaithful to him ( the Quran cleared her in surah AT-TAWBA), his HATERS continued plotting filthy schemes and  using slovenly ways  to stop him from doing what he was sent to do, but in vain.  “THE PROPHET MOHAMED” peace be upon him, grew up orphan, he had to face famine and thirstiness, he was beaten, got hexed and poisoned. He got into disagreement, signed treaties, wrote to kings, sent messengers and received delegations and to crown all of this he was the first astronaut( HADITH (AL MIARAGE- the ascension, and SURAH AN-NAJEM” the star”) (those are the references for the astronaut part). Those among other qualities of the prophet (MOHAMED) peace be upon him, are the reasons behind him being at the top of “the 100 greatest of men of all time” (book by Mike Hart), his life intrigued all historian and leaders, but people should not be amazed by him because, sadly for THE HATERS he’s the most complete with no margin for imperfection he simply is “THE ABSOLUTE PERFECTION OF ALL OF GOD CREATIONS”.

فإن قدر رسول الله ليس له =حد فيعرب عنه ناطق بفم

It means that no person can speak words that will give credit to the prophet “MOHAMED- THE CONTINOUSLY PRAISED” peace be upon him.

This is a call a message, to all Muslim around the word to wake –up from their slumber and lethargy, because nowadays they’re being shown no respect.  They shifted from lord leaders worldwide to become slaves in every part of the planet. A pawn that moves and stops depending on what the order is.

ALLAH said: ” النبي أولى بالمومنين من أنفسهم”( means that the prophet should always come before the Mumin life ), if this is not a rule that apply to you then you are not a MUMIN ( a true believer).   When a filthy disgraced despicable person speak bad of the prophet “MOHAMED” peace be upon him, and nothing burns inside you, then once again you are not a MUMIN ( you are simply a Muslim) (“قالت الاعراب آمنا قل لم تومنوا ولكن قولوا أسلما ولما يدخل الايمان في قلوبكم verse).

Sadly nowadays, the so called Muslim are gasping behind what’s worthless, mimicking and imitating the polytheists, non-believers and infidels to the last breathe.  Abandoning their principles and losing a bit by bit their identity to (the so called liberty and freedom….) not even thinking if it’s forbidden in their own religion, pleasing people at the cost of losing themselves In the process.

But once again we’re not shocked by that, because it was said 1442 years ago. فعن أبي سعيد الخدري أن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم قال:  ” لتتبعُنَّ سَنَنَ من كان قبلَكم، شبرًا بشبرٍ، وذراعًا بذراعٍ، حتى لو دخلوا جُحْرَ ضبٍّ تبعتُمُوهم  ، قلنا: يا رسولَ اللهِ، اليهودُ والنصارى؟ قال:  فمَنْ؟  , this means that it was said that they will come a time that you’ll be imitating the (false Christian and Zionists) step by step, even if they enter a lion cave you will follow them without a blink of an eye, without measuring the consequences of you doing.(source AL BUKHARI). And so we did, we mimicked them in the way they dress, feed, drink and we even consider their sin our blessing, we simply abandoned our principles to please others.

I’m not saying this will end soon, because it sure won’t.  it is how it should be.  But I am telling how do expects something good from an ungrateful person. How do you want someone to be grateful to you while he is not grateful to who created him?.  فقد قالوا في الله تعالى “ان الله فقير ونحن اغنياء” (means god is poor while we’re the wealthiest). ”وقالوا” ان الله ثالث ثلاثة” وقالوا “ان الله هو   المسيح ابن مريم (means that, there’s three god, also god is Jesus son of MARIAM (aka merry the virgin). قال سبحانه: (مَا قَدَرُوا اللَّهَ حَقَّ قَدْرِهِ إِنَّ اللَّهَ لَقَوِيٌّ عَزِيزٌ, (means that they did not shown their creator the respect he deserves, knowing that he is the almighty). In addition to that , they insulted the prophet “MOHAMED” several times and continue to do so, they insulted the QURAN and said it is only a lie a legend created by the ancient.

Moses, also known in Jewish language by MOSHE and in the ARABIC language as MOUSSA; asked god to save him from the lies that were spread back then. Moses said: oh dear god, I did not say the lies they’re spreading, do punish them for their doing, god answered him: did I punished them when they’re saying lies about me?

So in conclusion, we notice that god refused Moses request, (stopping people from spreading lies about him).  Haters are going to maintain their doing; liars will continue to spread lies across the world until judgment day. Until then, there will be a lot of person who will curse the prophet “MOHAMED” spread lies about him, tag and blame the “ISLAM and THE PROPHET for any wrong doing in the world”, spread HAIN AND HATRED everywhere, mainly because it’s a life saving boat to justify their act and let’s call a cat by its name (it is good for business).   I’ am not asking to fight fire with fire (for several reasons), but I’m writing to tell you that there’s a lot of peaceful used to TRAIN A DOG WHO BARKS AT HIS MASTER.   Also mind that his name peace be upon him is the name that is pronounced non-stop 24/7 (THE ADAN for prayers ) is the sound that does not stop at all and across the world.

ولا يضر السحاب نبح  الكلاب

Means when you fly over the clouds, you are not concerned by DOG WHO BARKS.

The question is who let the dogs out?


Translated with a slight modifications by : AL AHMADI AL FATIMI AL MOHAMADI


1٬268 : عدد الزوار